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When is a Sketch a Sketch and when does it become a Work?
I love the immediate, direct, intimate feel and touch of the sketch.
A Work demands deliberation, incorporating other parts of the personality (like:
what is my life about? who am I ? where do I want my Life Work to go?).
Parts which I seem to lack.

Sketches are about being in love, falling in love. With an idea, with an object,
with an image. Having a direct feel of a moment.
Having an instant inspiration.
An urge.

I don't know where to take my work now.
Should I make a Mural from this work?
Make Tapestry from that one?
A film from that.
A photos series from another.

And then come the issues, the Real Issues of making art:
composition, finishing, materials, techniques which I don't have.


hand drawn thin straight horizontal line with a soft pen.jpg
very thin hand drawn sharp line with pencil.jpg
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