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My journey, my walk through life. Me and art. Learning, getting in touch with, understanding.  I have learned about life from art. Artworks which were created thousands of years ago. From Picasso I have learned how a 3 years old child looks like, how a woman looks like. From the Pieta by Michelangelo I learned about the pain of a mother who lost has child and the acceptance of the death as a part of life. During my everyday life it is an ongoing process of recognising iconic works of art in daily, common, "simple" encounters; and when I experience great art works I recogonise my life, the extraction of Life, the Iconisation, so to say, of those moments, those snapshots, which my life, Life, is a continuum of.

Learning from art is a fascinating process that can teach us about life and humanity. Even works of art created thousands of years ago can still resonate with us today. From Picasso's paintings, we can learn about the human form and sexual desire, while Michelangelo's Pieta teaches us about the pain of loss and the acceptance of death. Art has the power to extract and iconize moments of existence, which are our common ground as humans. It's a beautiful thing to recognize iconic works of art in our everyday lives and appreciate their timeless significance.

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